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What makes us Goldex?

Established in 2005, our brands represent many years of hard work, recognition, achievements and growth by the Goldex team.

We are proud of the team that have set the foundations for the success and values that Goldex is built on. This has allowed the business to grow to the biggest UK Coffee brand and the biggest UK Dessert brand. With various property companies established in the UK we are now trailblazing through the rest of the world.

It is our mission to work hard, create and innovate.

How we got here.

Explore the moments that made us Goldex.

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We now operate many different businesses, both nationally and internationally! Goldex is the first UK Costa Franchise to acquire an international Costa Master Franchise. This year we have been awarded sole and exclusive rights to develop Costa in Morocco and have agreed to open 25 stores in 5 years to establish a successful business throughout Morocco.

Goldex’s success is down to its people. For example, our Costa employees start as Baristas and have excelled to excellent Managers, Area Managers and Operations Managers.

Our Achievements.

Our enthusiasm and desire to be the best in our field is demonstrated in our achievements portfolio which includes winning ‘Franchisee of the year’, ‘Best Business for Leisure and Hospitality’, ‘Whitbread Good Together Award’. 

We are the only Franchise to win ‘The Whitbread Ambassador Award’, which had previously only exclusively been awarded to Whitbread staff.

We have also been awarded ‘Costa Partnership of the Year Award’ 2017 for demonstrating excellence in all areas of the business.

We have been awarded the BFA Multi-unit Franchisee of the year 2018 and 2021 in recognition of our strategy and sustainable growth.